Use SNiPER Technbology to clean and disinfect your sports equipment.


Today bacterial and viral infections are on the rise. The world of sports is not exempt. Athletes are at higher risk for these types of infection due to exposure from soiled practice gear, communal locker rooms, whirl pools and showers and physical contact with other players who may be infected. Providing adequate protection in these circumstances is difficult at best using traditional methods. The organisms that cause infection are increasingly resistant to chemical disinfectants and cleaners. Disinfectant products are well known to be toxic and unsuitable for application to sensitive material or for contact with humans. The result is a working atmosphere that can increase the spread of infection to a greater or lesser extent. Along with the problem of infection, come mildew and odor issues. There is now one answer to all of these problems. SNiPER® is cutting edge environmental science that employs a powerful proprietary mechanism to clean, disinfect and deodorize in even the most demanding circumstances.

• Does not poison to kill rather it disrupts vital structural components of microorganisms.

• It has an EPA category IV for all routes of exposure – Lowest rating allowed.


Safely treat all your sports gear:

  • Football gear / pads
  • Hockey gear / pads
  • Wrestling matts
  • Weight rooms and equipment
  • Locker rooms and equipment
  • Locker rooms / lockers / showers / whirlpools
  • Use in Physical therapy rooms and tables
  • All areas that you can treat to protect your team

SNiPER® has been approved to clean pads, helmet liners, footwear,  gloves, and wrestling mats without causing damage to specialized material.

 The SNiPER® technology allows for pads, helmet liners, footwear, gloves to be cleaned and deodorized without adverse affects. SNiPER® delivers unparalleled protection to locker rooms and training facilities while eliminating the “locker room funk”. Used in this capacity SNiPER® will not only control and prevent the spread of MRSA and other infections but also common nuisances like athlete’s foot.  SNiPER® is a revolutionary product that delivers exceptional performance and unprecedented results in a mild and easy to use solution. Using SNiPER® properly will decrease or eliminate the spread of pathogens resulting in increased, productivity, decreased medical expense, and the elimination of costly and ineffective products and services

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