Nok-Out Summer Odors

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Summer time is now upon us!  With summer odors around the house your  garbage can become more of a nuisance and attract pests.  Even common things like pet odors can seem stronger.  Well you can Nok-Out all those pesky odors with Nok-Out Odor Eliminator!  Nok-Out is a cutting edge environmental science that is fragrance free and completely environmentally friendly.  Use on any surface to eliminate all these odors and any common odor that you may struggle to manage such as:

  • Pet odors in carpets, pet beds, litter boxes, even on the pets
  • Skunk sprayed your pet?  No problem!! Nok-Out can handle it!
  • Shoe odors
  • And many many more…

Check out our website and download our brochure to learn more:

Looking to get knock out?  Simply go to Amazon and choose any of our fine suppliers to get Nok-Out delivered directly to you:


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