Green Cleaning


Cleaning is normally done for appearance by removing organic load (dirt, dust, etc.) and for health.   Proper cleaning can also protect you and others from harmful organisms that can cause issues to our health, but cleaning with toxic chemicals can produce adverse affects to both your health and the indoor environment.

Cleaning without the impact of harsh chemicals that introduce toxic fumes into your indoor environment is very important.  “Cleaning for health” is applicable for where we live, eat, work, go to school, health care and all public facilities.  Living in a healthy environment should be important enough to all of us that we choose the products that enable us to reach that goal and maintain it!

SNiPER® and Nok-Out® are revolutionary environmental restoration products that address the most challenging indoor environmental issues.

SNiPER® is an intelligent disinfecting and cleaning system targeting harmful organisms – not you and the environment.

Nok-Out® is an amazing true Odor Eliminator that destroys odors at their source.

An Environmental Science Breakthrough

    • Level IV EPA Toxicity rating (Lowest allowed)img_green
    • No negative impact on the environment
    • Biodegradable, hypo-allergenic
    • Does not produce volatile organic compounds
    • Non chlorinating
    • Phosphate-free
    • Has no noxious odor, Leaves behind no harmful residue
    • Non-corrosive and non-flammable
    • Highest efficacy
    • Removes harmful odors & VOCs

Change the way you think about cleaning

SNiPER® and Nok-Out® are great for cleaning toys, nurseries, pet areas, kitchens, bathrooms and will eliminate associated odors.  Keep surfaces from harboring bacteria, molds, and viruses by cleaning and disinfecting with SNiPER®. It is a smart cleaning and disinfecting system that far exceeds other green cleaning products. SNiPER®’s efficacy is second to none. Its proprietary formulation is intelligently designed to ensure that organisms will not become immune to SNiPER® and SNiPER®will deliver exceptional results every time.

Problem Odors in your bathrooms SNiPER® or Nok-Out® can be used to manage that stingy urine odor and keep it fresh and clean!

Replace your old cleaners

SNiPER® or Nok-Out® is an exceptional solution to the challenges of keeping a clean and safe environment in the modern home.  Increasingly, there is a need for a product which can address a broad range of surfaces and materials without the use of harsh chemicals, which can damage or shorten the life of certain surfaces. These harsh chemicals can also contribute to health problems, such as asthma, shortness of breath, headaches, nausea and allergic reactions.  SNiPER® or Nok-Out® will not stain or discolor most fabrics, although an inconspicuous area should be tested for color fastness (especially if other products have been used prior to treatment).

SNiPER® is effective for cleaning soap scum and removing mildew from grouting (without the need for brushing in most cases). Clean food spatter on stove and counter tops. Clean utensils and cutting boards soiled with raw chicken, beef, pork, or fish. Clean toilet bowls (both interior and exterior).


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