Global Environmental Restoration

Industrial Disinfectant Powerful Enough to Kill the Most Resistant of Bacteria while GENTLE ENOUGH TO USE ON COMMON SURFACES AND PETS.

Environmentally Friendly Disinfectant and Odor Remover

Global Environmental Restoration, Inc. began in 2002 with the goal of bringing a revolutionary product, Nok-Out®, which began in the pet odor industry, to a variety of commercial industries. G.E.R., Inc. introduced SNiPER® to the Oil & Gas industry in the beginning of 2005 by turning around problems in oil field living quarters in the Gulf of Mexico that were inundated with issues from bacteria, viruses, and mold. G.E.R. continued moving forward in commercial disinfection applications in New Orleans after the devastating hurricane Katrina and from there has now grown into many markets with a distribution network that includes the U.S. and International markets. In 2014, G.E.R. merged with the founding company of this formula, Nok-Out®, to now offer both great brands: Nok-Out® Odor Eliminator & SNiPER® Hospital Disinfectant. The Nok-Out® / SNiPER® formula was one of the first unique stabilized Chlorine Dioxide formulas introduced on the market.

No Substitute for the Original Formula

Though there have been others who have tried to imitated this formula Nok-Out® and SNiPER® are still one of a kind. If you are unaware of ClO2 and its benefits as a world renown biocide, we encourage you to research the many studies and benefits of ClO2, including great documentation with the EPA and FDA. The formula that G.E.R. provides in these two great brands is the power of ClO2 in a very stable solution that attacks the intended targets of bacteria, virus, mold, and VOC’s without harming surfaces or releasing harsh chemical fumes into the environment. Its effectiveness is delivered in a very mild and eco-friendly way, while providing amazing versatility in different areas and applications!! Before you think that all ClO2 products are the same we encourage you to look closely, give us a call, or even try both products side by side to see the true uniqueness of SNiPER® & Nok-Out®!

Thank you for choosing SNiPER® & Nok-Out®!

The G.E.R. Family